Your Journey

When I work with you Reiki is always at the core.  So, why do I work with Reiki? 

Reiki works at many levels, as is its nature. Reiki is a beautiful, nurturing healing modality and a powerful tool of transformation.

To me the beauty of Reiki is there is no evaluation or judgment, no assessment, just pure energy, the energy that is all around us, the energy that is us.  It is intelligent and does not require us to manipulate it, it knows where it is most needed.

This means that working together, with Reiki, enables me to support you through your own life circumstances and unique experiences.

"The Emerald crystal focuses intention and raises consciousness bringing about positive action"

My own journey with Reiki began with the physical. It helped to alleviate pain in my leg, for others their journey begins with stress or emotional needs. Gradually over time, I've travelled the emotional and mental then spiritual avenues gradually getting to know Me, who I truly am and what I'm really about.

Like shining a torch in a dark room this was a journey of gradual discovery.  At first the light exposes a small glimpse of what’s there before over time, as the torch continues to shine, aspects and discoveries come to be seen, glimpses into the inner world.

This has led me to wanting to work with like spirited women who are facing their own journey of self re-discovery, women who have lost their connection with themselves, who for whatever reason stopped taking the time to shine their torch inward.

Maybe it's been months, maybe years, maybe even decades. It doesn't matter because working together, I am able to help you reconnect in the now, with who you really are today, to discover your own inner light, your real Self.

Reiki has brought me the gift of getting to know Me, embracing Me and beginning to love Me.

I would love to be by your side as you travel your own transformative path of exploration and re-discovery to reconnection and living your best life, your true life.

"The colour Emerald is a talisman for travellers for safe journey"