Meditation Circle

Life is full of so many things and we can often become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what we have to do.

Taking time out to regroup, recharge and reconnect can often feel like luxury. A luxury we cannot afford....too much to do, not enough time, I hear these words so often and I myself have said them too.

Our monthly Meditation Circles are designed to help you take the time your body, mind and spirit need to reconnect them with You so you can be your greatest resource.

And whilst this work may appear simple or low priority, in truth it is extremely powerful and lays the foundation for significant transformations.

Each month we focus on the energy of that season and use it to guide our meditation and discussions.

We take the time to connect and make friends with your inner world so that we can quiet the noise and create the space required to allow your true self to emerge.

Our circles are purposely small to allow for each of the CircleSisters present to share their experiences in safety and confidence and leave with a sense of peacefulness, ready to be more effective in their day-to-day life.

Join Us in Circle

The Emerald Approach Sanctuary, Hampton, VIC

Circles are held on the last Monday of each month from 1 - 3pm. Except for Summer Solstice which will be held in line with the calendar.

Reserve Your Place:
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